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Audubon's Birds of America Water Fowl & Sea Birds [66 Images]

Audubon's Birds of America Water Fowl & Sea Birds [66 Images]

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The Birds of America is a book written and illustrated by John James Audubon, an American naturalist and artist, and first published between 1827 and 1838. The book is a collection of life-size illustrations of North American birds, featuring 435 hand-colored prints of 497 bird species. The illustrations are known for their accuracy, beauty, and attention to detail, and have become iconic representations of North American wildlife.

Waterfowl, also known as waterbirds, are a diverse group of birds that include ducks, geese, swans, and others. These birds are found in and around bodies of water such as lakes, rivers, and wetlands. They are adapted for swimming and diving, with webbed feet and waterproof feathers that allow them to move efficiently through the water. Waterfowl are also well-known for their distinctive calls and colorful plumage, which often varies by sex and age.

Seabirds include a wide range of bird species such as gulls, terns, pelicans, and albatrosses. These birds have a variety of adaptations for living on and near the ocean, such as webbed feet for swimming, salt glands for excreting excess salt, and long wings for soaring over the open ocean. Seabirds often travel long distances in search of food and can spend months at sea without returning to land. They are important indicators of the health of marine ecosystems and are often used as flagship species for conservation efforts.

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