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The New Collection of Painted Birds Woodpeckers [17 Images]

The New Collection of Painted Birds Woodpeckers [17 Images]

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Woodpeckers are a family of birds with over 200 species, found in various habitats all over the world, except for Australia, New Zealand, and Madagascar. They have specially adapted features that enable them to withstand the impact of pecking, such as a thick skull and a long, sticky tongue that can reach deep into crevices to capture insects. They are also known for their zygodactyl feet, which have two toes facing forward and two toes facing backward, allowing them to cling to trees and climb vertically.

Woodpeckers are generally solitary birds and are often heard before they are seen. They are important in their ecosystems as they help to control insect populations and excavate cavities that can be used by other birds and mammals as nesting sites.

This collection comes from Nouveau recueil général de planches peintes d'oiseaux (New General Collection of Painted Plates of Birds), a book published in the early 1800s that features detailed illustrations of various species of birds, including many rare and exotic species. The book was created by several prominent ornithologists and artists, and the illustrations are considered some of the finest examples of bird art from the period.

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