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Vintage Chrysanthemums [9 Images]

Vintage Chrysanthemums [9 Images]

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Chrysanthemum – Golden Queen, Prince Albert is a set of botanical illustrations of two chrysanthemum cultivars - Golden Queen and Prince Albert. The illustrations were created by an anonymous artist and was published between 1852-1861 in a botanical periodical or catalog.

Chrysanthemums are flowering plants that belong to the Asteraceae family, and they are popular for their beautiful and vibrant blooms. The cultivars depicted in the illustration - Golden Queen and Prince Albert - are known for their striking yellow and orange colors, respectively.

The illustrations were likely to have been created using the technique of hand-colored lithography, which was a popular method of botanical illustration during the 19th century. This technique involved drawing the image onto a stone or metal plate, then printing it onto paper using a press. The image was then carefully hand-colored to add detail and depth.


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